Okinawan Products Promotion Month begins with parade at Kokusai Street

Okinawan Products Promotion Month begins with parade at Kokusai Street

On July 1 at Kokusai Street in Naha City, there was a parade to promote the use of Okinawan products.

July 1, 2015

On “the Day of Okinawan Products” on July 1, there was a parade down Kokusai Street in Naha City to launch the beginning of the 2015 Okinawa products promotion month. This year’s slogan is; “Oh, good! I get it now, Okinawan Products.” About 250 people from the event’s executive committee, which consists of 19 business groups in Okinawa, appealed to the public to use prefectural products. They marched in the parade, which went from Makishi Park to the public square in front of the Prefectural Government. At the ceremony in the public square, the Committee Chairman Moriaki Goya gave a speech, saying, “The use of Okinawan products contributes to create and maintain employment in Okinawa and to establish an independent economy.”

Prior to the parade, Goya and Naha Mayor Mikiko Shiroma visited Kinjo Elementary School of Naha City and enjoyed a school lunch of Okinawan products with students.

During the promotion month, production fairs at supermarkets and manufacturing factory tours will be held. The committee will start urging municipalities and related institutions to prioritize the use of Okinawan products.

(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana) 

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