Ministry of Defense to deploy JGSDF’s forces to Miyako-jima Island

Ministry of Defense to deploy JGSDF's forces to Miyako-jima Island

Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defence Akira Sato (second from left) asked Miyakojima City Mayor Toshihiko Shimoji (right) to deploy the GSDF's forces at the city office on May 11.

May 12, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense Akira Sato has asked Miyakojima City Mayor Toshihiko Shimoji to host the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF)’s troops (about 700-800 personnel), including surface-to-air missile, surface-to-ship missile and security forces at their meeting held on May 11 at Miyakojima City Office. The two major candidate sites suggested by Sato are golf course Chiyoda Country Club and stock farm Daifuku Bokujo.

The senior vice-minister said, “We must defend people’s lives and property, Japanese territory and airspace.” He asked for the mayor’s understanding and cooperation in the government’s efforts to strengthen the defense of the Nansei Islands.

The mayor said, “I can logically understand there is situation where we face some insecurity.” However, he said that he would wait until after the matter is discussed at the city council to make his final decision on the plan suggested by the government.

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