Orion Beer to donate one yen per beer towards the construction of Hawaii Okinawa Plaza

Orion Beer to donate one yen per beer towards the construction of Hawaii Okinawa Plaza

With a campaign beer in their hands, Ryota Higa of Orion Beer (from left), Asami Ginoza and Kazuo Uechi of the Promotion Committee asked for cooperation towards the Hawaii Okinawa Plaza. On March 6 at the Ryukyu Shimpo building in Naha City.

March 7, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

Orion Beer has started a campaign to raise funds for the construction of a commercial facility called “Hawaii Okinawa Plaza” led by the Hawaii United Okinawa Association (HUO). The campaign aims to donate one yen per bottle of sales revenue from “Orion Draft Beer.” One yen for every bottle of large (633 ml), middle (500 ml), and small (334 ml) Orion beer shipped from March 2 to June 30 will be donated. During the campaign, middle-size bottles will have an original label “For perpetuation and development of Okinawan culture.”

On March 6, Ryota Higa of Orion Beer International Sales Division visited the Ryukyu Shimpo office. Higa asked for cooperation on the campaign, saying, “As a growing manufacturing industry in an international market, we hope to connect our business to supporting overseas Okinawans.”

The construction of Hawaii Okinawa Plaza is scheduled to start in August. The revenue from the Plaza will be used for the management expense of HUOA’s operating base Hawaii Okinawa Center. One hundred million yen out of a total construction cost of five hundred million yen will be covered by donations from Okinawa. The Hawaii Okinawa Plaza Construction Fund-raising Promotion Committee is the contact point in Okinawa.  

Asami Ginoza Secretary-General and Kazuo Uechi Undersecretary-General of the Promotion Committee also called for donations. They said that right after the war, Okinawan residents received tremendous support from Okinawans in Hawaii and they would like to show their gratitude. To donate, call the Promotion Committee at 098 (897) 0116.

(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana)

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