Naha City Assembly adopts a resolution asking the Japanese government to stop taking excessive actions against Henoko protesters

February 23, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

Naha City Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution asking the Japanese government to stop the land reclamation work at Henoko to build a new U.S. air base and taking excessive actions against citizens protesting the work (33 votes in favor versus 4 against). They will send the resolution letters to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Defense Ministers of Japan, and the head of the 11th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters.

Assembly members from the conservative Shimpu Kai, the Communist Party, Social Democratic Party, the Okinawa Social Mass Party, and the Independent Members Association jointly proposed the bill. The assembly members from the Komei Party, the Hiyamichika Naha Independent Members Association, and the Naha Democratic Party, favored it. Those from the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) opposed the resolution. A representative of the LDP assembly members said, “The proposers of the bill did not demonstrate objective evidence of excessive actions against citizens.”

In the resolution, the assembly members pointed out the Japanese government has refused to meet the Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga, has ignored his request to stop the reclamation work and secure the safety of citizens, and is forcing through the landfill. They claimed that such acts are against democracy, and should never be tolerated.

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