Samba duo Miyagi sisters become tourism ambassadors for Ogimi Village

Samba duo Miyagi sisters become tourism ambassadors for Ogimi Village

At a ceremony giving the Miyagi sisters the certificate of tourism ambassador for Ogimi Village, the sisters performed samba dance. At Ogimi village office on February 16.

February 23, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

On February 16, the Samba duo Miyagi sisters became the first tourism ambassadors for Ogimi Village. Their parents were from the Nerome district of the village. The Miyagi sisters have been participating actively in Brazil where samba dance originated. A spokesperson for the village said, “We would like the Miyagi sisters to connect Ogimi to the world.” Receiving a certificate from the village mayor Norimitsu Miyagi, the Miyagi sisters said that they would like to promote Ogimi to the world.

The Miyagi sisters performed samba dance at the village office, and the village mayor Miyagi took part.

The Miyagi sisters, the eldest Kayoko and youngest Yayoi, took part in a samba carnival held in Brazil as “passista (solo)” dancers from the acclaimed samba group Aguia de Ouro in March 2014.

The village mayor Miyagi said, “We are probably relatives because we have the same last name.” He attached sashes to the sister’s sleeves and asked them to promote the charms of the village, including local farm product, Citrus depressa. The Miyagi sisters presented their newly released CD and posters to villagers.

The sisters’ uncle is a Citrus depressa farmer in the village. The Miyagi sisters come to help him in the picking season. Kayoko said, “I would like to promote the beauty of the people and sea of Ogimi to people around the world and make them want to visit the village.” Yayoi said, “I want to learn more about Ogimi and be vocal about promoting the village.”

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