Japanese rock band The Boom performs final live show in Okinawa

Japanese rock band The Boom performs final live show in Okinawa

At the final concert in Okinawa, Kazufumi Miyazawa (front) and Hiromasa Yamakawa performed at Naha Civic Center on November 2.

November 4, 2014 Tetsuo Oshiro of Ryukyu Shimpo

On November 2, at the Naha Civic Center, Japanese rock band The Boom performed its final show in Okinawa. The group’s song Shima Uta, which is about Okinawa, became a worldwide hit in the 1990s. Okinawa has been a special place for the band members in their 25 year-career. Their music is a fusion of rock, pop and local Okinawan folk music. For their dial show, the band played with passion and feelings of gratitude to their many fans.

Vocalist Kazufumi Miyazawa sang Hoshi no Love Letter (Love letter from the stars) and Tokyo Love, on the stage. “We had been looking forward to this live concert in Okinawa. But, I have mixed feelings today because this is the final concert,” he spoke to the fans. He sang two-dozen songs, which included his original hits, as his last performance to fans.

The members, including Miyazawa, lead guitarist Takashi Kobayashi, bass guitarist Hiromasa Yamakawa and drummer Takao Tochigi, moved the audience deeply with their final set. Miyazawa sang songs such as Tida Akara Nami Killala and Call my name, while playing the sanshin. The fans were humming along, waving their hands and sometimes jumping.

Takanori Kobayashi (front) and Takao Tochigi at Naha Civic Center on November 2.

He talked about Okinawa and his native town Yamanashi. “Okinawa has been tossed about by the fate of history. The situation of outside powers controlling Okinawa remains unchanged. We do not want to pass the most beautiful islands in the world to anyone else,” he said. He sang The Most Beautiful Island in the World.

He said, regarding the hit song Shima Uta, “Hoping for calm in the world, and for full smiles on the faces of people happy with their lovers, I created this song.” For the encore, the band member performed Kazeninaritai (I want to be the wind).

Miyazawa said in a closing speech, “I do not say good-bye to you. But we are going to go our separate ways, and a life of tears and laughter will await us. Thank you for your continued support for 25 years.”

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