Crested serpent eagle released after road accident

Crested serpent eagle released after road accident

Saki the Crested Serpent Eagle that recovered from injuries caused by a road accident. Masanobu Ishigaki who found her, watched her being released in the Sakieda district of Ishigaki on October 4.

October 11, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

A Crested Serpent Eagle has recovered from injuries suffered in a road accident that occurred on Prefectural Road 79 in the Sakieda district of Ishigaki in September. It was released on October 4.

According to the Ishigaki Natural Conservation Office, the eagle is a young female bird previously in a car accident in December 2013 and taken care of by the office. Naming the bird Saki, the office attached her left leg with a green mark and the letter S, and released her.

Saki got hit by a car again on September 16. Masanobu Ishigaki, a farmer living nearby, found the bird lying still. The bird had no external injuries this time. However, she was concussed and unconscious.

According to the office, this year there have been seven car accidents involving Crested Serpent Eagles, in which three were found dead.

Ishigaki said, “I am glad that she had recovered. People should not drive fast. I would like to tell people living in the island and tourists to drive safely.”

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