Zamami Village: beaches are entirely smoke-free

Zamami Village: beaches are entirely smoke-free

On October 1, in Zamami Village, supervisors patrolled districts to enforce a new regulation aiming to keep the islands clean and beautiful.

October 6, 2014 Yoshikazu Miyazato, correspondent of Ryukyu Shimpo

On October 1, The Zamami Village Office started enforcing a regulation to clean and beautify the Kerama islands. The regulation aims at creating a clean and comfortable environment deserving of national park status. Locals and tourists are required to do their bit to beautify the islands, such as carrying out waste separation. The beaches around the islands are now entirely smoke-free. Twenty supervisors selected from among the villagers are patrolling harbors and districts.

Kerama Islands has been designated as a national park. The village assembly enacted the regulation at its March regular meeting, responding to a request from residents. The regulation started on October 1 after a “get-acquainted” period of six months.

In the morning, the supervisors patrolled Aka and Geruma Island and advised the residents on the new regulations. They also visited Zamami Island in the afternoon. They found junk cars and boats left on the islands and notified the municipal office to have them removed. They will request that owners of vending machines in front of supermarkets or shops ensure that trash bins are installed and in a tidy manner.

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