Mud of happiness for children in traditional Pantou event on Miyako Island

Mud of happiness for children in traditional <em>Pantou</em> event on Miyako Island

Pantou god smeared mud on a crying child at Tairashimajiri, Miyakojima City on October 3.

October 4, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

A traditional Pantou event, which is designated a significant intangible folk cultural asset of the country, took place in Tairashimajiri district in Miyakojima City on October 3 and 4.

Visiting gods, pantou, dressed in muddy vines, smeared mud on people and houses to drive away evil spirits and pray for perfect health.

Three pantou gods called Nmariga emerged from an old well at 5 p.m., ran around, and came up behind people and smeared mud on them. People screamed in surprise, and could be heard throughout the district.

Asami Nagamine, who took part in the event for the first time, said, “I prayed for good health for my child. I believe he will grow up healthy this year. ” Her three-year-old boy was crying and saying, “I am scared. I will not do any bad thing.”

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