Resort wedding survey: 65.8 % of people married in Okinawa say they chose the island because they “enjoy the resort feeling”

Resort wedding survey: 65.8 % of people married in Okinawa say they chose the island because they “enjoy the resort feeling”

Why did you choose Okinawa as the destination for your wedding ceremony? 65.8 percent of respondents wanted to enjoy the resort feeling. 52. 2 percent of respondents wanted to have their ceremony with the ocean in view. 44.9 percent of respondents wanted to enjoy honeymoon sightseeing after wedding. 41.3 percent of respondents wanted everyone who attends the ceremony to enjoy their stay. 34.5 percent respondents have had good memories in Okinawa.

September 21, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

On September 18, the Okinawa General Bureau announced the results of a first-ever survey on Okinawa resort weddings. To the question, “Why did you have your wedding ceremony in Okinawa?” most respondents (65.8 percent) wanted to enjoy the resort feeling, followed by respondents who wanted to be able to have their wedding ceremony overlooking the sea (52. 2 percent ) and those who wanted to do honeymoon sightseeing after wedding (44.9 percent).

In terms of satisfaction with services, 61.1 percent of respondents were “very satisfied” and 33.3 percent were “somewhat satisfied”. However, there were some respondents who suggested “a lack of cooperation between the partner companies in the local and the main islands of Japan,” and expressed their dissatisfaction with travel from the airport to resort sites.

The Okinawa General Bureau carried out the online questionnaire survey from June 27 to 28. A total of 412 men and women who had resort weddings in Okinawa responded to the questionnaire.

The annual number of resort wedding ceremonies in Okinawa has increased by 54.6 times to 10,921 couples, from only 200 in 1999 when the Okinawa Prefectural Government began to record wedding visitation statistics. However, in the resort wedding business, Okinawa competes domestically with Karuizawa, Hokkaido, and Hawaii and Guam abroad. Some tourist business experts say that Okinawa can expect more competition for the resort wedding market in the future.

The Okinawa General Bureau suggested that local government and travel and service companies should aim to attract not only wedding couples but also customers who want to mark other stages of their lives such as a golden wedding or silver wedding anniversaries. The bureau officials stressed that building good relationships with customers would help maintain and develop Okinawa tourism.

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