JICA to resume sending teachers to Bolivia

August 7, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

While the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) stopped sending teachers to Bolivia in fiscal 2012, the organization has decided to resume the program in the next fiscal year.

In the 189th Multiracial Nation Bolivia Independence Ceremony, the head of the JICA Okinawa International Center Makoto Kashiwaya announced the decision. According to Kashiwaya, JICA plans to recruit teachers and choose the candidates next March.

After taking a training course for two months, the selected teachers will be sent to Bolivia next June.

JICA is now asking the Education Ministry to decide on a schedule for selecting candidates. The ministry will respond to the organization this summer.

The selected teachers will be sent to Bolivia as volunteers.

The teachers are scheduled to stay in Bolivia for two years. They will teach students in Japanese Bolivian schools and Nueva Esperanza Elementary and Junior High School. They will also train the local teachers in educational methods.

Kashiwaya said, “We plan to continue to send our teachers to Bolivia.” The head of the Okinawa Association of Bolivia Masaki Terada said, “I heard this news today. It is great. I think the relationship between Japan, Okinawa and Bolivia will further deepen.”

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