Okinawa woodpecker habitats move south to Nago area

June 19, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

Special Natural Monument the Okinawa woodpecker, which lives mainly in three villages, including Kunigami, Ogimi and Higashi, has moved its habitat to mountain forest in the Genka district of Nago. The Yambaru Wildlife Conservation Center confirmed the habitat shift on June 6.

According to the center, the birds breed in Onna Village. However, there has been no clear evidence to confirm this report. This is the first time the birds were confirmed to have bred in Nago.

Yutaka Toguchi of the Ministry of the Environment confirmed the presence of an adult female bird and a chick on June 6 and an adult male bird on June 7.

The center could not find nesting trees of the birds. However, they determined that the birds breed in the Nago area because the Okinawa woodpecker has a habit of staying near the nesting trees in breeding season. An adult male Okinawa woodpecker was seen in the Nago area in 2013.

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