Giant bluefin tuna caught off Kumejima Island

Giant bluefin tuna caught off Kumejima Island

Seiji Higa (on the left) who landed a giant bluefin tuna, with his mother at Kanegusuku Port on Kumejima Island on June 12.

June 15, 2014 Yoko Morinaga, correspondent of the Ryukyu Shimpo

A fisherman from Kumejima, now in the middle of bluefin tuna fishing season, caught a giant bluefin tuna weighing 330 kilograms and measuring 2.5 meters in length on June 16th. Seiji Higa is captain of Kumi Maru, a vessel belonging to the Fisheries Cooperative Association of Kumejima Island. After catching the fish, Higa returned to Kanegusuku port, where locals and the people involved gathered and applauded his achievement.

Higa said, “At first, I thought I caught a Marlin. However, it turned out to be a bluefin tuna. So, I was happy.”

This is the second time a bluefin tuna has been caught this year. Yoshinori Yoza caught one weighing 360 kilograms on June 6.

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