A memorial service for Okinawan war dead held in Tinian

A memorial service for Okinawan war dead held in Tinian

On May 27, members of a visiting group from Okinawa attended a memorial service for Okinawan war dead held in front of the Tower of Okinawa in Tinian.

May 28, 2014 Hisao Tome reports from Tinian

The 37th memorial service for the Okinawan war dead was held at the Tower of Okinawa in Tinian on May 27. About 100 people, including Okinawan returnees from Tenian, their families and local officials, attended the memorial service. They consoled the spirits of people who died in the war 70 years ago. The Tower of Okinawa is located at the so-called “suicide cliff” on the east coast of the southern part of the island. Many civilian people and soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army, who had been cornered by the U.S. military, jumped into the sea from the top of the cliff.

“We cannot forget the tragic scene in which many Okinawan people died. We will not forget our brethren who sleep beneath the land of this island forever,” Asami Ginoza, the chairman of the Okinawa Tinian Association said. “We will continue to visit Tinian to see their spirits in front of this monument.”

Zenki Isa, 78, lost seven family members in Tinian. “It was a terrible situation, as if we were plunged into hell, when I lost my family members. It was a distressing event that I hated to recall,” he said in his speech on behalf of the bereaved families. He stressed, “We should fully realize the folly of war and the value of peace. We pray for their souls to rest in peace.”

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