Ginoza Village Association of Argentina celebrates the 100th anniversary of emigration to Argentina

April 29, 2014 Richard Oshiro, correspondent of Ryukyu Shimpo

At the Okinawa Association Hall in Argentina, the Ginoza Village Association held a ceremony to mark the 100th anniversary of emigration to Argentina. The association also celebrated the 60th anniversary of its founding.

About 400 local residents with family ties to Ginoza, as well as invitees, took part in the ceremony.

Fourteen participants from the village, including Mayor Atsushi Toma and the head of the Ginoza village assembly Tomoyasu Takayama attended the ceremony. The same number also took part from the Okinawan Association of Brazil, including Tatsuo Kushi. Two Peruvian delegates also visited Argentina for the ocassion.

In 1913, the late Heisuke Nakama who was from Sokei district of Ginoza village, emigrated to Argentina for the first time.

Bringing agricultural techniques from Okinawa, he moved to the South American country to find prosperity in farming.

The head of the Ginoza Village Association of Argentina Vicente Nakama said, “We would like to show our gratitude to Heisuke Nakama who created the foundation for the association.”

Toma said, “I want the association members to keep working together to develop an organization on which Okinawan Argentines from Ginoza, can rely.” Since 1986, the village has been accepting students from South American countries as part of an exchange project. In return for South American-Okinawan students, Ginoza Village sends young local students to these countries in co-operation with Okinawan migrant associations.

Participants of the exchange worked with second and third-generation Okinawan Argentines to plan the event.

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