Young people hold sanshin concert commemorating the work of Buten Onaha

Young people hold sanshin concert commemorating the work of Buten Onaha

On March 4, commemorating the work of Buten Onaha, the Ishikawa Youth Association Buten-Kai members perform sanshin in front of the clock tower in Uruma City.

March 13, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

The Ishikawa Youth Association Buten-Kai held a sanshin concert at a plaza known as Buten-hiroba, in Uruma City on March 4.

Buten Onaha (1897-1969) was a dentist from Okinawa who worked as a producer and creator of comedy during the reconstruction period after the Battle of Okinawa.
It is the first time that Buten-Kai has held an event on Sanshin Day. Masamune Itokazu, director of the group, said, “We would like to expand the spirit of harmony in the community and to continue the event every year.”

Taishi Iha, the vice-director of the group and a bullfight announcer, called for passers-by to take part in the event, bringing with their sanshins. The event opened at noon with the Ryukyu classical sanshin performance Kagiyade-Fu by Shoko Kuratomi, Takeichi Teruya and Satoshi Miyara. Many people, including shoppers, stopped and enjoyed the sanshin music and singing.

“I want my grandchild who is going to learn sanshin to watch this,” said Mieko Tamashiro. “I want to bring my mother here,” said Naomi Suzuki. Harue Iha, a woman working at a shop near the plaza, said, “I am happy to see young people use this space for their activities.”

Director Itokazu said, “We welcome anybody who can dance or play drums. We want men and women of all ages to take part in the event on Sanshin Day.”

(English translation by T&TC, Hitomi Shinzato)

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