Breakout game in Miyako Island attracts over 2,500 people

Breakout game in Miyako Island attracts over 2,500 people

The participants try to break out of Miyako Island by figuring out puzzles in Miyako City on February 2.

February 5, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

Over 2,500 people have been taking part in the breakout game that started from January in Miyako Island. The executive committee of the game has been holding the events every weekend, which makes the island busy.

About half of the ticket buyers come from outside Okinawa.

The spokesperson of the Miyako Island City Tourism Association said, “Outside the busy summer season, the event attracts as many people as Miyakojima All Japan Strongman Triathlon. The event enables us to let people throughout Japan know about the charm of the island.”

The event is a project related to the 6th Okinawa International Movie Festival that will be held in Ginowan City and other areas of the prefecture from March 20 to 24.
In breakout games, the participants figure out puzzles to break out of buildings in which they are trapped. These are popular nationwide. It is the first time the participants break out of the whole island.

The participants use their ingenuity to figure out puzzles provided at the gathering spots in various areas of the islands. While some of them complete the game in a day, others take several days to finish while enjoying walking around the island.
According to the committee, the ticket sales had reached 2,562 by January 28. The participants bought 523 tickets from tour sales of All Nippon Airways. About 80 percent of the participants come from outside Okinawa.

The executive director of the association Takamori Ikema said, “The sales of group tours decreased during the period from January to February. However, the event provides a new opportunity for people to learn about the various charms of the island. I want the event to continue next year too.”

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