Two whales swim raising a spray of water off Kunigami

Two whales swim raising a spray of water off Kunigami

A humpback whale was swimming off the coast of Ginama district of Kunigami Village on January 11.

January 22, 2014 Katsuyoshi Oshiro, correspondent of Ryukyu Shimpo

In the morning of January 11, two humpback whales swam 200 meters off the coast of the Ginama district of Kunigami Village. They moved slowly, occasionally shooting up a spray of water and slamming their tail fins into the surface.

In summer, the whales stay in waters in high latitudes such the sea near the Aleutian Islands. In the winter, they migrate to warmer waters in lower latitudes in order to breed. The whales appear in the waters around Kunigami from January to March every year.

February is the best time to watch whales off Cape Hedo and other areas.
Masakazu Kudaka, who came to do some whale watching, said, “The whales migrate to the waters around Okinawa to breed every winter. You can watch them around here for a week.”

Natsuko Kudaka, who watched the whales with Masakazu, said, “I saw the whales for the first time since I was in elementary school. They shot up a spray of water and slammed their tail fins to the surface, which was impressive.”
On January 1 and 2, people saw the whales off Cape Hedo.

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