Okinawa Jazz Association lights up Naha with colorful vocals

Okinawa Jazz Association lights up Naha with colorful vocals

On December 23, jazz vocalists sang together in the Christmas concert of the Okinawa Jazz Association at the Naha Civic Hall.

December 31, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

On December 23, the Okinawa Jazz Association held a Christmas concert at the Naha Civic Hall. This is the first part of a series focusing on jazz vocalists. The OJA Jazz Orchestra and COCKTAIL played various songs, including several jazz standards. Takako Afuso, Ryoji Tokito and other singers sang on the stage with their deep voices.

Besides Afuso and Tokito, Kazuyo Nishihira, Eru Yonashiro and Arisa Muto, Asakazu Goeku and Yukiko Yamakawa, Wakayan joined the stage as vocalists. Last year’s performance showcased the evolution of Okinawan jazz from the turbulent postwar period to the present-day. This year saw joint performances by nationally-prominent Okinawan vocalists. Their colorful vocals drew great applause from the audience and painted a brilliant picture for the future of “Uchina-jazz.”

Shoei Uehara, the president of the association, reported in his opening speech that they received the Choho Miyara Music Award in 2013. He said, “We could receive the award with our fans’ support.”

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