Okinawan craftsman creates horses out of glass

Okinawan craftsman creates horses out of glass

Naoya Oshiro quickly creates a horse out of heated glass. At Forest Glass Museum in the Bimata district of Nago on December 29.

January 5, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

A sculpted-glass horse that vigorously holds its front feet in the air, is popular. This year’s zodiac sign is the horse. Naoya Oshiro, head of the Forest Glass Museum in Bimata district of Nago, creates the sculptures.

Oshiro twisted heated glass using scissors and a pallet to make the sculpture. It takes less than a minute.

The visitors gasped in surprise seeing how quickly the work is done.

Based on glass forming techniques from overseas, Oshiro developed his way after three years of trial and error. He started selling the products at the end of 2013. Besides a horse, he creates a cat and rising dragon.

A sculpted-glass horse that looks like it’s starting to run.

Oshiro said, “Even though it needs concentration to create, I am used to it.” He continued to sculpt animals out of heated glass in front of the tourists to the museum.

They erupted into applause upon seeing the quickly sculpted horses.

Oshiro smilingly said, “It is great to see the visitors enjoy themselves.”

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