Okinawan latin singer sings in Okinawan dialect

Okinawan latin singer sings in Okinawan dialect

Latin singer Yuki Taira performed in front of a local audience at a community hall in Ada, Kunigami on October 3.

October 6, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

Latin singer Yuki Taira sings songs in the Okinawan dialect. On October 3, Taira held a concert at the community hall in Ada, Kunigami, where she graduated from elementary and junior high schools.

Ada Elementary School held the concert as part of career education. This was the first concert held in Ada. About 70 people, including pupils from the school, Aha Elememtary school and local residents took part.

Taira said to the pupils, “It is a win in life if you make your dreams come true. You can do it if you don’t give up.”

Taira talked about her life as a singer, telling the audience that she decided to become a singer when she was 29 years old. Taira performed in Osaka and Tokyo for 15 years and when she was 49 years old, she moved to Cuba, where she studied latin music at music college for a year. She said, “People will surely support you If you can see how to make your dreams come true.”

After her talk session, Taira sang a tribute to her hometown Kunigami in what is known as Son cubano, a style of music originating in Cuba. She also sang Iju nu Hana. At the end of the concert, Taira amused the audience by performing a kachashi song arranged to Latin music.

Five-year-old Takuma Higa of Ada Elementary School said, “I was carried away by Taira’s performance. It was just great.” Ada Elementary School principal Gakuji Goto, who planned the concert, said, “Yuki Taira said that you can make your dreams come true at any age if you continue to have dreams. This impressed me. The concert was stimulating for the pupils.”

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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