Naha Daiko performs eisa dance in Vietnam

Naha Daiko performs <em>eisa</em> dance in Vietnam

On August 24, members of the Naha Daiko performed a michijune dance in Hoi An, Vietnam to call for waste reduction.

September 3, Ryukyu Shimpo

Nine members of the Naha Daiko, a drum group from Okinawa, performed their stirring dances at the “Hoi An – Japan Festival 2013” in Hoi An City in Vietnam on August 24 and 25.

After Naha City helped Hoi An to resolve waste-related issues, interaction between the cities and their people increased. Naha City sent the drum group to Hoi An as a part of this interaction.

Naha Daiko performed at the key opening and closing stages of the festival and enthralled the local audience. During their stay they walked through the streets as a michijune parade to call for waste reduction. It sometimes attracted such crowds of people as to cause traffic jams.

Naha Daiko members also visited the tomb of Japanese merchant Yajirobe Tani, a prominent trader in Vietnam during the Edo Period, and dedicated eisa dance to him.

(English translation by T&CT, Hitomi Shinzato and Mark Ealey)

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