Residents to promote tourism focusing on Haneji Inland Sea

Residents to promote tourism focusing on Haneji Inland Sea

On July 10, near the mangroves of the Gabusoka River, Nago, people listen to a lecture from an instructor on the potential for tourism in the area.

July 14, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

Residents considered the potential of local tourism, including experience-based tourism focusing on the Haneji Inland Sea in Nago. On July 10, they listened to a lecture and took part in a sea-kayak tour. The Nago City Tourism Association organized the project. Many people from the Goga, Gabusoka, Nakaoshi, Uchiara and Kogachi and Burikena districts took part in the meeting. They discussed how to make the community more appealing by taking advantage of the natural environment of the sea, rivers, forest and culture in the Haneji area.

After leaving Nasadagawa, they went to the Haneji Inland Sea by sea kayak along the Gabusoka River. About 20 people enjoyed looking for crabs among the mangroves and seeing beach hibiscus by the riverside. Satoru Nakamura, a staff member of the City Tourism Association served as a guide and Hiroko Sakashita of the Yagaji Ekotsu (Eco-tour) Net helped with this study tour. Those involved enjoyed going along the river by sea kayak. Hayashi Kishimoto, chairperson of the Nago City Research Committee for the Preservation of Cultural Assets, gave a lecture at the Gabe Community Center. He suggested making use of local agricultural products such as tea and pineapples, highlighting the history of the community and the presence of an attractive waterfall.

One person commented, “If you will plant parsonsia laevigata that rice paper butterflies eat, tourists also can enjoy seeing those butterflies as they go down the river.” Another said, “There is a road alongside the river. We can promote this area as a safe place for visitors.”

Kenshin Kadekaru, head of Goga Ward said, “We now understand that our community has great potential for tourism. We are trying to develop the local community by making use of the Haneji Inland Sea.”

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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