Rainy season in Okinawa ends early

Rainy season in Okinawa ends early

At around 10:00 a.m. on June 14, at the Okinawa Zoo & Museum, an elephant took a bath under a blue sky after the rainy season came to an end.

June 14, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

The Okinawa Meteorological Observatory announced on June 14 that the rainy season in Okinawa has ended.

The rainy season in the region usually continues until around on June 23, so it has ended nine day earlier than usual.

This year, the Okinawa region’s rainy season started on May 14 and lasted for 31 days, which is the fifth shortest season since data began to be collected in 1951.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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