High school students run a department store

High school students run a department store

On January 30, the “Gusho Department Store” shareholders’ meeting of was held at Gushikawa Commercial High School in Uruma, with awards being given to top-performing “employees.”

February 11, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

On January 30, at Gushikawa Commercial High School the “Gusho Department Store,” a simulated company set up for business training purposes, held its 19th general meeting for shareholders. The management, including its president, Yuya Komesu, announced financial results that reflect revenue growth, and the manager, Takahiro Nakasone, reported on the details of the business, including initiatives such as the development of new suppliers. Members of the new management team were approved and Yume Shimada, a second-grade student, was appointed as the next president.

Net sales for the 2012 fiscal year were 4532535 yen, and net income was 281046 yen. They voted that this year the 200 yen per person dividend, which is normally paid in-kind, would be paid as 8000 yen in cash to each class. It was also approved to donate 50000 yen through UNICEF to the Great East Japan Earthquake emergency fund. A total of 7815 customers came over the two days last fall, and the revenue increased by more than 400000 yen compared with the previous fiscal year.

Nakasone said, “Suppliers turned us down at first. They wanted a written plan, but we went to see them to request their cooperation and in the end were able to purchase the products.” He told his juniors how important the project protocol was, and talked about the difference between email and telephone communication.
School principal Masanori Omine, who is the chairperson of “Gusho Department Store,” encouraged the students, saying, “It was a great success. The management team led the way, and everyone worked very hard.”

Looking back on the training that they did on customer service, Komesu commented, “All the employees who participated worked very hard. The growth in revenue is thanks to people applying everything that they had learned and striving to put customer satisfaction first.” He finished his role as the president this day.
The shareholders of the “Gusho Department Store,” who are all students of the school, each invested 1000 yen when they came into the school. The store opens for two days in the fall.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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