Awamori maturation device registered

<em>Awamori</em> maturation device registered

From the left, Takaaki Nakasone, Kanemasa Kuba, and Yoshiaki Matayoshi with a certificate of utility model registration on December 20, at Kogachi Pottery in Gabusoga, Nago.

December 25, 2012, Ryukyu Shimpo

In Nago, Kanemasa Kuba, a counselor a social welfare organization and Yoshiaki Matayoshi, an instructor of the Okinawa Labor Standards Association have invented and registered an awamori maturation device. It is a stand that holds an awamori jar and vibrates to accelerate maturation and to create a taste similar to kusu or aged awamori in a relatively short time.

The sales point of the device is that it makes young awamori taste milder. Kanemasa Kuba said, “It is easy to use and can be used in home. We want consumers to use it at home, not for business.”

On October 17, they received the registration certificate from the Commissioner of Patents. An awamori jar is placed on the stand, and a monitor is placed under the stand, which is a few dozen centimeters in height and width. Between the stand and its base, there is a timer to turn the spring that spins 1800 times per minute, on and off, but the vibration is very delicate and hard to perceive.

Friend of Kanemasa Kuba, welder Yoshiaki Matayoshi made the stand, and Takaaki Nakasone from Kogachi Pottery made the awamori jar.

They brought the awamori stored on the maturation device for a year to a public agency and requested a test. Compared to the original awamori, it had increased its level of sodium and magnesium, and its taste was close to that of five year-old awamori.

Kanemasa Kuba said, “I got the idea from a story about awamori transported to China during the Ryukyu dynasty. By the time it arrived in China the taste was much milder. We replicated that artificially.”

Please contact Kanemasa Kuba at 090 3011-4246 if you are interested in the equipment.

(English translation by T&CT, Hitomi Shinzato and Mark Ealey)

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