Second A-lunch Championship held in Okinawa City

Second A-lunch Championship held in Okinawa City

The A-lunch served by the Izakaya Primo that won the highest award.

October 29, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

The second Koza A-lunch Competition was held at the Koza Sports Park in Okinawa City over the two days of October 27 and 28.
According to the organizer, about 20000 people visited the event.
A total of 21 restaurants from throughout the prefecture competed In Okinawa City, which is the birthplace of the A-lunch concept, in which various European foods are served on a plate.

Voting saw the Japanese tavern Izakaya Primo, which is located in the Kinjo area of Naha, win the highest award, followed by the Bistro Maru of Okinawa City,
which served an Italian A-lunch. TiTiCaCa of Okinawa City came third with a Peruvian A-lunch. Primo served a Pirate A-lunch, featuring a hamburger with a chicken wing inside, trying to conjure up the impression of pirates, who are more than a little rough in the way they eat. The Olive Batake, also from Okinawa City, won the Mayor’s Award, Tsudoi Dining Kuina won the Head of the City Assembly Award and Umizoku Kobo won the Head of the Municipal Education Board Award.

On October 28, at the Koza Sports Park in Okinawa City, the award winning contestants, and those who earned an honorable mention, were delighted with the results.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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