Five children from Nago will go to Argentina to learn football

Five children from Nago will go to Argentina to learn football

On July 10, at Okita in Nago, children who will go to Argentina to enhance their football skills.

July 19, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

Five junior high-school students who belong to a football club in Nago, Escuela de Barbie Futbol, will go to Argentina for two weeks from August 10. They are looking forward to their experience in the home of football.

When he was in his teens, the head of the club Kazushi Oshiro belonged to the football club called the Flandria in Lujan, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, and he has stayed in contact with people now in its executive who were his teammates back then. The children from Nago will take part in the club’s youth team practices and go to watch games of Argentinian first division teams.

To date, Oshiro has helped a total of 20 people to go abroad to improve their football skills. “Playing football is important of course, but I hope that they will grow as young people through contact with a different culture,” he said.
Agarie Junior High School third-year student Sho Kishimoto said, “I would like to find out what drives them to be so determined in Argentina.” Fuki Matayoshi said, “I would like to experience all sorts of challenging things that cannot be done in Japan.” Shoichiro Higashi said, “I hope to experience the passion of the
Argentines for soccer and to see their unique playing style.”

Kohei Kishimoto in the third year of Nago Junior High School said, “I am looking forward to playing with boys of my age players.” Raimu Higa in the first year at the same school said, “I would like to learn how they use their bodies on the field.”

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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