Large catch of suku on Ojima

Large catch of <em>suku</em> on Ojima

On July 19, a large catch of suku at Ojima in Nanjo, (photograph provided by Futoshi Hanashiro).

July 20, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

On July 19, which is June 1 in the old lunar calendar, at Ojima in Nanjo, baby rabbitfish, called suku, were caught. Fishermen managed a good catch with about 360 kilograms being hauled in this day. Suku are about three to four centimeters long and have a bright silver body. It is referred to as “the bonus from the ocean” because the fish can only be caught for a limited period of time. The large catch of this valuable fish excited people living on the island.

Local fishermen haul in the suku around the period from June 1 to July 1 in the old lunar calendar. When the boats that have finished fishing come back to the island, as the men unloaded their catch of suku local women who had been waiting anxiously for them smiled with satisfaction.

Kazuya Minei, who had been out fishing, said, “We managed a big catch of suku. I feel rewarded this time because there are often days when we cannot catch any fish despite being out on the sea the whole day.”

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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