Giant crane ship lifts down a 140-meter long and 1300-ton box girder onto the Irabu-Ohashi Bridge

Giant crane ship lifts down a 140-meter long and 1300-ton box girder onto the Irabu-Ohashi Bridge

In the morning of May 28, a giant crane ship placed a huge steel box girder for the main section on the Irabu-Ohashi Bridge, Miyako Island.

May 5, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

On April 28, at Miyakojima City, bridging work commenced on the Irabu-Ohashi between Irabu Island and Miyako Island. On the Irabu Island side of the bridge, the second-largest crane ship in Japan, which is capable of lifting and installing offshore structures up to 4000 tons in weight and is 145 meters high at the tip of its arm, arrived at the construction site where it placed a steel box girder 1300 tons in weight and 140 meters long on the bridge.

At around 6:00am, the giant crane ship lifted a huge box girder from the Shimosaki pier at the Hirara Harbor and moved it to the construction site of Irabu Island. The work was carried out very carefully and was completed at around 10:30am. An observation tour was held at the construction site. When the crane ship was working, many local people and tourists visited the Touriba district of Hirara and the Makiyama Sightseeing Tower on Irabu from where they took photographs.

Akihiro Miyaguni, a fifth-grade pupil of Minami Elementary School who came with his family, said, “I’ve hardly ever seen a construction site before. It was for me amazing and really cool to see the crane ship.” The main construction has three parts to it: the central section, plus the sites of Irabu Island and Miyako Island. The construction work for the central section had been scheduled to be carried out initially on April 26, but was postponed due to bad weather. The operation for the Miyako Island side will be carried out on May 11, and the central part has been scheduled for around the end of May.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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