Smoked goat meat to be promoted as a new local product

Smoked goat meat to be promoted as a new local product

On February 17 at the Tsukayama Awamori Brewery, after eating smoked goat meat, Deputy Mayor Kei Oyakawa (second from left) talked about its taste and potential for future development.

February 29, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

On February 17, a tasting session for smoked goat meat was held at the Tsukayama Awamori Brewery, a nationally designated cultural property in Onaka, Nago. The goat meat was cooked in a blasting range that Shigeru Ito, the principal of the Okinawa National College of Technology (ONCT), made when he was at Kumamoto University. Led by Deputy Mayor Kei Oyakawa, city officials of the Division of Industry and the Tourist Association enjoyed the smoked goat meat, which has an intense flavor and a soft texture. The ONCT has suggested that the goat meat of Katsuyama be used as a new local product of Nago, and has been aiming to cooperate with city authorities to promote it throughout Japan in future.

The smoked goat meat was cooked in a blasting range.

In the past it has been said that goat meat is not suited to the smoking process because it becomes tough when cooked, but the blasting range, which releases 3500 volts into hermetically sealed water and destroys the meat’s fibers by impact waves, makes it possible to maintain the meat’s tenderness even after it is cooked.

Cooking in the blasting range cuts the meat fibers and enriches amino acids, thereby increasing the juiciness of meat.

Using a sauce mixed with salts and a type of ginger as a flavoring and smoking the meat with chips of cherry blossoms made the very distinct smell of goat meat more acceptable for people from outside Okinawa.

Goat meat is low in fat and has fewer calories. Participants said, “It tastes great,” and “It’s more tender than I imagined it would be.”

Ito said, “I hope to launch a brand available all over Japan using the local products and resources of Nago. Selling smoked goat meat, cheese and an alcohol as a set menu, I hope to encourage healthy trends and offer the natural resources of Okinawa to people from other prefectures.”

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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