Audio CD of Shinkanucha, anthem of the 5th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival sold

Audio CD of <em>Shinkanucha</em>, anthem of the 5th Worldwide <em>Uchinanchu</em> Festival sold

At the Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper Building Tom Nakasone (from left), Kazufumi Miyazawa and Alberto Shiroma said that they would like everyone to use Shinkanucha as an eisa song.

February 7, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

On January 27, sales began in Okinawa of an audio CD of Shinkanucha (Fellowship), a song co-created by singer songwriter Kazufumi Miyazawa and the Latin rock band, DIAMANTES. Shinkanucha was the theme song of the 5th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival held last October and a song for the Worldwide Eisa Festival 2011. The CD consists of six songs, including Shima, a song, which was originally composed by Jake Shimabukuro, then later written by Miyazawa, and performed in the Nipponia concert last October. The price of the CD is 1000 yen.

With regard to the idea behind the song, Alberto Shiroma of DIAMANTES recalls that members of DIAMANTES talked with Miyazawa about Uchinanchu before the Festival. He said, “We wanted to create a song that could turn people’s feelings to the future.”

The song was co-written by Miyazawa, Yoriko Ganeko and Daiichi Hirata. Many musicians, including Claudia Oshiro, participated in the recording of the song. Miyazawa said, “All those people around the world who love Okinawa through music and performing arts are part of Shinkanucha.” With regard to the finale of the festival in which people of Okinawan descent from many different countries came together, Miyazawa said, “I was impressed by the scale of the festival. It was as if their ancestors were also there, visiting their homeland.” Miyazawa said, “I would like it to be used as an eisa song from now.”

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(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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