40th anniversary coin of Okinawa’s reversion will be issued with a full-color Shuri Castle design

40th anniversary coin of Okinawa's reversion will be issued with a full-color Shuri Castle design

1000-yen coin featuring kumiodori and Shuri Castle (front)

October 8, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

The Ministry of Finance has announced the designs of the 1000 and 500-yen coins for Okinawa prefecture as commemorative coins to mark the 60th anniversary of the enforcement of the Local Autonomy Act. Both coins will mark next year’s 40th anniversary of Okinawa’s reversion to Japanese administration. The 1000-yen coin has designs of Shuri Castle and kumiodori, while the 500-yen coin features the Naha Tug-of-War and eisa.

The prefecture requested submission of designs from last November to the end of year, and then a deliberation committee made selections to be submitted to the government. The designs represent the history, traditional culture and harmony among the people and communities of Okinawa.

500-yen coin featuring the Naha Ozunahiki or tug-of-war and an eisa parade (front)

The 1000-yen coin will have its color designs painted on silver. A total of 100000 of these coins will be issued and they will sell for 6000 yen each. Applications for purchase will be accepted from March 2012. The number to be issued of the 500-yen coin, which will be made from copper, cupronickel and nickel brass, is yet to be officially determined. The coins will begin to be redeemed in financial institutions from around July 2012.

(English Translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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