Okinawan telecommunications firm sells Taiwanese smartphone

Okinawan telecommunications firm sells Taiwanese smartphone

The Inetphone, a product developed by the Karasawa Solar (Taiwan) Corporation of Taiwan.

October 7, 2011 Fumiaki Jahana of Ryukyu Shimpo

On October 6, the telecommunications firm, InetJapan Co. Ltd. (Naha City, President Kunihiko Oroku) formed a capital alliance involving cross-shareholding with the Karasawa Solar (Taiwan) Corporation of Taiwan (President Shen Yen Shih), which has developed its own smartphone.

InetJapan plans to start domestic sales of the smartphone from around February 2012. The two companies are scheduled to hold a press conference at the Prefectural Office on October 11 at which they will display “Inetphone,” a smartphone developed by the Taiwan Karasawa Corporation, and explain details of its functions and user rates.

“Inetphone is a groundbreaking product with discount calling rates. I can confidently promote this product,” said Oroku enthusiastically.

In Naha City on October 6, Kunihiko Oroku (on the left), president of InetJapan, said that he is confident about the promotion and sales of Inetphone, a newly developed smartphone from Taiwan.

According to InetJapan, the Inetphone uses a newly developed battery, which can reduce electric power consumption in a way unlike any existing smartphone. The company said that the Inetphone is also equipped with a function by which it simultaneously interprets Japanese, Chinese and English (downloadable for free).

In conjunction with sales of the product, and aiming to promote Inetphone on a national level, InetJapan plans to establish a branch office in Tokyo. It plans to then go on to establish product distribution centers in major cities within and outside the country, and aims for sales worth 70 billion yen for the first year.

InetJapan began operating in 2006 and has been cooperating with the Karasawa Solar (Taiwan) Corporation by investing in the development of the Inetphone.

The Karasawa Solar (Taiwan) Corporation also began operating in 2006. A spokesperson for the company said that in addition to the development of this smartphone, it is engaged in making solar panels.

InetJapan formed a capital alliance with Karasawa Solar (Taiwan) in September in preparation for this announcement and obtained a telecommunication business license from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. It plans to promote the Inetphone throughout Japan.

Oroku said, “The Inetphone has the potential to take the world by storm. I think that it could help create jobs and stimulate the Okinawan economy. I would really like to have a good go at this business.”

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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