Okinawa Soba Development and Heritage Association Established

Okinawa Soba Development and Heritage Association Established

At the Prefectural Government Office on August 22, (from the right in the front row) vice chairman Chotetsu Tamaki, chairman Hiroshi Chinen and vice chairman Yasuhiro Takehara, and adviser Kenichi Dohi all said that are trying to find as many people who understand the situation of owners of Okinawa soba restaurants.

August 23, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

Owners of Okinawa soba restaurants have established the Okinawa Soba Development and Heritage Association in order to promote Okinawa soba (a type of noodle-soup eaten in Okinawa). On August 22, the restaurant owners, who plan to cooperate through exchange and training courses, held a press conference at the Prefectural Government Office to announce the establishment of the Association.

Hiroshi Chinen (owner of Udunyama) assumed the role of chairman, with Chotetsu Tamaki (owner of Tamaya) and Yasuhiro Takehara (owner of Awase Soba Dining) both being appointed as vice-chairmen. Kenichi Dohi (head of Sun Shokuhin Co., Ltd.) will serve as an adviser to the Association.

Masashi Nozaki, a staff member its head office, talked about the importance of establishing the Association, saying, “The owners of Okinawa soba restaurants face common issues such as the decreasing numbers of people prepared to take over their businesses and the need to attract more customers. They feel that they have done as much as they can by themselves to solve these issues, so we thought that if they were to cooperate with each other, they may be able to improve the situation.”

The Association has an annual membership fee of 30000 yen and is now calling for members.
For further details, call Masashi Nozaki of the head office of Okinawa Soba Development and Heritage Association at 098 (886) 2200 or 090 (3794) 9346.

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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