Encouragement for 100 newly-hatched baby turtles to swim towards the sea

Encouragement for 100 newly-hatched baby turtles to swim towards the sea

Baby turtles move towards the sea with children keeping a close eye on them. August 3, at the seashore of Ogimi Village.

August 11, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

On the night of August 3, more than 100 loggerhead and green turtles hatched at the seaside near Ogimi Village. The baby turtles swam strongly out towards the sea, just as it became rough due to the approach of Typhoon No.9.

Many people came to observe, digging out the sand around the turtles to avoid them suffocating as seawater penetrated in. The baby turtles appeared one after another. The children cheered them on, saying, “How cute they are!” because the baby turtles are smaller than the palms of their hands.

Fifteen year-old Haato Kyan, an eighth-grade student of Okinawa Christian School International said, “I was moved to see turtles hatching for the first time. I’m sure that the baby turtles will give it their best shot out there in the stormy sea.”

Kunio Komesu, a member of the Japan Sea Turtle Association gave some advice for those observing turtles hatching, saying, “Because turtles naturally move towards light, to the greatest extent possible you should observe them by taking advantage of natural light such as moonlight. When using a torch, the sea should be behind you, not the shore.”

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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