Okinawa promotes testing center for Android

June 15, 2011 Takashi Hokama of Ryukyu Shimpo

Okinawa prefecture is promoting the construction of a testing center for Android, a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. To date, Google Inc. has led the way in the development of the Android mobile operating system. Okinawa is looking to establish a discussion group before the end of June to focus on building the testing center.
In cooperation with YRP (Yokosuka Research Park) Research & Development Promotion Committee (Kanagawa Prefecture), an international research center for many types of wired or wireless communications systems, the prefecture plans to research the possibility of developing application software on Android.
Okinawa prefecture has reached an agreement with Akio Motai, the head of YRP, with regard to various proposals to be put to the discussion group and training.

Companies in Okinawa that develop application software on Android have will also be represented. The prefecture plans to let the private sector run the center and is considering locating it in the Okinawa IT Shinryo Park in Uruma City.
The discussion group plans to organize a range of activities in an effort to get the center up and running.

YRP head Motai said, “Research into wireless communication systems is progressing. Developing application software on Android matches the needs of the times. That is why we would like to set up this group and give it our full support so it becomes one of the best research institutes in the world.” Motai continued, “Okinawan companies are doing really well in the area of information and communication technology, and I think that they have considerable ongoing potential. It is quite feasible that they will play a key role in Asia.”
Motai went on to point out the need for the prefecture to work on the expansion of job opportunities, saying, “Human resource development is needed.”

YRP hosts independent laboratories of companies such as Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, which is commonly known as NTT, as well as NTT Docomo Inc. and Panasonic Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., and Fujitsu Limited. Research institutes of about 60 organizations from all over the world concentrate on YRP, which embraces more than 6000 researchers.
YRP has facilities suitable for implementing a range of experiments and the verification of research and development for wireless communications systems.

The head office of YRP said, “We are keen to cooperate with Okinawa in providing technical know-how on communications experiments.”

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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