The Ritz-Carlton expands its operation to Kise Bettei in Nago City

The Ritz-Carlton expands its operation to Kise Bettei in Nago City

The Kise Bettei scheduled to be run by The Ritz-Carlton.

May 25, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

On May 24 it was reported that the forei Learn more here gn-based luxury resort hotel group Ritz-Carlton will operate the Kise Bettei Hotel & Spa located in Nago City, that is currently run by Kanehide Resorts Co., Ltd. The two companies will enter into a contract in mid-June. Kise Bettei will be closed temporarily from September so the renewal of the facilities can be carried out, but is expected to reopen early next year as a Ritz-Carlton hotel. People in the tourist industry hope that the Ritz’s deployment in Okinawa will expand the section of the market aimed at more wealthy tourists.

The Kise Bettei has a seven-story hotel building with hotels and spas within its grounds that cover approximately 33,400 square meters. With 97 rooms and 11 cottages, and complete with restaurants and treatment rooms, it is a luxury resort for adults.

To date, the hotel’s clientele have been affluent baby boomers and people from outside the prefecture, but its occupancy rate has dropped due to the overall decrease in the number of inbound tourists, the domestic economic downturn and the rise in the value of the yen after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Kanehide Resorts had been considering developments and looking for ways to cooperate with other hotel management companies. The renovations that will begin in September include additional safety measures to cater for children among the guests.

The Ritz-Carlton is a worldwide luxury hotel chain, based in Maryland in the United States. It operates 79 hotels and resorts in major cities around the world, with hotels in Japan opening in Osaka in 1997 and in Tokyo in 2007.

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