OPG opens “antenna shop” to promote Okinawan sweets and seafood in Shanghai Province

OPG opens “antenna shop” to promote Okinawan sweets and seafood in Shanghai Province

March 30, 2011. Ryukyu Shimpo

The Okinawa Prefectural Government (OPG) has set up a second “antenna shop” called “Wasabi” (meaning beauty and peace) in Shanghai Province, China. The concept behind “antenna shops” is to promote the produce of a certain region, and this shop introduces Okinawan food culture to local Chinese people, both through its restaurant, which has seafood dishes made with ingredients from Okinawa on the menu, and its shop, which sells sweets and lumps of brown sugar.

The 800 square-meter premises are managed by the Shanghai firm, Ras Ai Khaimah Trade Co., Ltd. Okinawan and local Shanghai people involved in the project celebrated the shop’s opening by listening to a sanshin music performance and sampling some delicious Okinawan food at the opening event held on March 25.

In his speech, OPG office staff member Tsunemi Tamaki said that he hopes that the Shanghai shop will provide a spark to help promote Okinawan products all over China. Setsu Ritsukou, Director of the Shanghai Ras Ai Khaimah Trade Co., said that they intend to take up where the old Ryukyu Kingdom left off in assuming the role of “Bankoku Shinryo” (a bridge between nations) to offer information about Okinawa to the outside world.

OPG now has seven “antenna shops” abroad including premises in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei that are part of the “Okinawa International Airlines Logistics Hub Deployment Project,” in which All Nippon Airways plays a leading role. OPG pays for the hire of the premises and local companies manage the shops.

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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